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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 20, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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> good morning, america. and breaking now. thousands ordered to evacuate glow infernos in the west this hour. 3,000 homes in danger now in northern california. flames so fast and hot, this teenager's arm on fire while trying to rescue his family. one wild night. bombshell details surface overnight as a u.s. congressman admits to swimming naked in one of the world's most sacred christian sites on a legislative fact-finding trip. why the fbi went in to ask questions about this late-night skinny dip in the sea of galilee. diana nyad. racing for a record of a lifetime at this very moment. battling jellyfish stings. we're with her on her epic swim. she reveals her secret song to pass the time. ♪ bobby mcgee and prince harry having a ball, taking vegas by storm.
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not even that hat and glasses can hide his good time. the extraordinary exclusive photos are out right here. his poolside party with j. lo on a weekend out. oh. >> a drum roll. you're back. >> please, please, no, no, no, no, no, no. reunited. reunited and it feels so good. reunited. oh, a little bit of music. ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> nice. >> it's great to see everybody again. i know you had time off, you had some time off. my needle was past "e" when i left here a couple of weeks ago. but i got a full tank. >> you look fantastic. >> you do.
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>> you all do. >> all these rested souls. wow, look at you. you look great. wow, you look even better. hey, ho! hey, that's great. >> one, two, three, four, five, everyone's back. >> the gang's all here. >> lara just made it in. >> always crazy. happy monday morning, george. it wouldn't be the same without you doing that. i'm doing very important things in "pop news." >> we know that. a lot of travelers this weekend, a lot of air scares. three planes forced to make dramatic emergency landings. in the last 24 hours, we'll have the latest on what happened. also ahead, the latest on a deadly outbreak of salmonella caused by contaminated cantaloupes. dr. richard besser will be here to tell us what we need to know to avoid getting sick. and another"toddlers & tiaras" controversy. this one is real. a little girl in the middle of a custody battle. the father and his wife. the father says the wife is exploiting the girl by having her on the show. we'll get to that right now.
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>> we will. but let's turn to josh with the developing stories. breaking news. sam, you'll be touching on this today. as it does concern thousands of people now fleeing their homes this morning. wildfires roaring out of control in the west. the biggest threats right now in northern california and idaho. take a look at this map. this is now the worst fire season in a decade. neal karlinsky is on the front lines in idaho this morning. good morning to you, neal. >> reporter: josh, good morning. we're on the side of a mountain road where more than a thousand fire fighters have set up a make shift base camp. meanwhile the nearby town is filled with smoke and bracing for the worst. in northern california, the newest fires blew up so hard and fast, zachary pritchard's arm caught fire while he was riding an atv through flames to evacuate his cousins. >> i just drove through it. i couldn't breathe and there was fire everywhere. >> reporter: thousands of people have been told to leave their houses as firefighters attempt an air assault, trying protect
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3,500 homes in mostly rural areas north of sacramento. where flames have already scorched nearly 19 square miles destroying at least 4 homes. at the same time, in idaho, in the town of featherville, residents are being forced out. >> that is our home. our only home, yeah, we're scared. >> reporter: we went behind the firelines to get a look at the massive effort to save the mountain town. >> we haven't seen the sun in three days. >> reporter: it's now mostly a smoky ghost town, except for the firefighters here to save it and the few residents who refuse to leave. the fire here is huge at 88,000 acres. it seems stuck at just 5% contained. weather conditions kept it from moving much yesterday, but they are bracing for another tough, hot day today. josh. >> all right. neal, we'll have an update on the weather. thank you for that. another developing story overnight. a sightseeing ship has run aground off the coast of alaska. the ship, carrying 76 people,
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struck a rock in glacier bay and began filling with water. fortunately, a large cruise ship was nearby. and helped to rescue the pains on board. only minor injuries are being reported. hollywood is stunned this morning over the loss of one of its prolific action movie directors. tony scott directed "top gun" more than two dozen other film, including "days of thunder" and "beverly hills cop 2." he also ran a production company with his brother, ridley. tony scott died after jumping off a bridge in los angeles, an apparent suicide. he was 68 years old. and britain's prince philip was released from the hospital after five days of treatment for a bladder infection. the 91-year-old will now rejoin queen elizabeth on vacation in scotland. and take a look at this. a freak accident at a nascar race in michigan. watch mark martin's 55 car in the lead, when, as you see there, he slides down into pit
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road, out of control, actually careening until his car impales itself on the wall. no crew members were hurt nor was martin. however, the impact of the impaling just inches from his seat. martin, though, did walk away unhurt. >> well, talk about a close call. these boaters off california got a very close-up view of a pod of humpback whales. look at this. the photographer stumbled on the scene taking pictures of birds. but unlike the people in the photos, he was shooting from a safe distance. you can see paddle boarders there looking on amazed. remarkable to see those whales that close. >> they are massive. >> welcome back. the wild night out in israel for a group of american lawmakers. it happened last summer. the fbi began asking questions. discovered that one member of congress went skinny-dipping in the sea of galilee. the story first broke in politico. it's confirmed by jon karl. who joins us now from washington. jon, let's remind everybody, the sea of galilee is where
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the bible says jesus walked on water which is why it shocked so many people. >> this really sounds like a wild night. it all happened on an official congressional delegation. you had 30 republican members of congress, visiting israel, visiting with top officials, visiting holy sites. one night, things got out of control. they were having dinner at the sea of galilee. doing some drinking, apparently. after the dinner, several members took an impromptu dip into the sea. some went in fully clothed, and some went in partially controlled, and kevin yoder, the republican from kansas, went in without any clothes at all. he has issued an apology to his constituents and fellow members of congress. after dinner, i followed some members of congress in a spontaneous and very brief dive into the sea. regrettably, i jumped into the water without a swimsuit. george, i've covered congress for a long time. i haven't quite seen a statement like that. >> me, neither.
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the fbi won't comment. they're apparently not investigating anymore. there was immediate political fallout. >> sure was. eric cantor, the majority leader in the house was on the trip. he was not present when this happened. he found out about it the next day. and i am told he was livid. brought together all of the members of the delegation and said this kind of behavior is unacceptable, must never happen again. his spokesman also issued a statement, 12 months ago, he dealt with it immediately and effectively to ensure such activities would not take place in the future. >> let's hope not. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. >> all right, george. now to the latest air scare. for the third time in two days, united airlines flights were forced to turn around because of mechanical issues. john schriffen is at newark airport where two of those flights made emergency landings. good morning, john. >> reporter: robin, good morning. united airlines says it is conducting a thorough
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investigation of the three incidents that not only led to hundreds of passengers being stranded, but now many wondering if something is wrong with united's planes. >> we blew a tire. we need to declare an emergency. >> reporter: just minutes after taking off, the plane begins having trouble. from the ground, witnesses see a frightening sight. >> i ran to the window. looked outside. and saw the airplane and saw fire coming out. >> reporter: with the left engine gone and a tire blown, the pilot turns back towards newark. the cell phone video shows the plane circling, dumping fuel. >> 720 feet. >> the tower did physically see flames come out of that engine. >> reporter: two hours later, the plane lands safely. it's the first of three scary, and some say embarrassing in-flight emergencies for united in less than 24 hours. united flight 409 reporting smoke in the cockpit. united 1124 out of houston turn
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add round due to engine problems. some wondering if the rocky merger with continental would be to blame. >> the question is, how well is the maintenance being done? the faa is going to want to look at this. is it coincidence or a greater underlying problem? >> reporter: the two airlines merged in 2010 and finally combined operations this year. since then, the new united has suffered a rash of bad publicity. it now has one of the worst records in the industry for delays. and in june, the last month for which the government released data, united's passengers filed nearly 600 complaints. that's five times higher than the nearest competitor. five times higher than before the merger. >> the faa is going to want to ask, are they having the same problem integrating their maintenance problems than they're having integrating their customer service or is this just a coincidence. >> reporter: and united would not comment whether there are maintenance issues caused by the merger. the airline tells abc news all
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three planes landed slave and passengers were reaccommodated on other flights. >> okay, john, thanks very much. the race for the white house now. one week to go before the republican convention in tampa, mitt romney and running mate paul ryan ramping up the action, hoping to build some momentum. it's "your voice, your vote." david muir is on the trail with romney in new hampshire. good morning, david. >> reporter: great to see the countdown to the convention. this morning, a bit of a preview. mitt romney appearing with paul ryan. we expected to see them together again as part of the town hall. this is a concerted effort to go on offense on a number of these issue, rather than defense, even if it means they'll still be talking about medicare. back together, they'll try to shift the debate as their convention now nears. this time-lapsed video showing the tampa convention floor coming together. first, on medicare, romney and ryan will try to end the fear. by going on the defensive instead, argue the president
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already cut medicare. >> medicare should not be used as a piggy bank for obama care. >> reporter: paul ryan bringing his 78-year-old mom, betty on stage in florida to try to convince nervous seniors he would never jeopardize medicare. >> medicare is there for my mom. >> say hi to my mom, betty. >> we'll get this country back on track. >> reporter: the obama campaign arguing that cuts made to medicare are savings he found in wasteful spending and that paul ryan proposed the same cut. secondly from the romney campaign this week, expect to see mitt romney and his running mate try to turn the conversation back to the economy and jobs. >> mr. president, by your own measure, you have failed to deliver the jobs americans need. >> where are the jobs, mr. president? >> reporter: and they'll be adding another voice. ann romney. a republican source telling abc news that right now, they're planning to open the convention with mrs. romney. >> we're not going to take it anymore. we're taking the white house back. >> reporter: lastly, expect the romney campaign to keep hitting the obama camp on what they say
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is a campaign of division and hate. a charge the obama team finds ridiculous. >> the notion we're going to get lectured by mitt romney and his campaign about running a positive campaign, that's a pill far too big to swallow. >> reporter: the president will be back out on the campaign trail tomorrow. after already being here in new hampshire over the weekend. he will be in ohio and nevada and will continue to hit the romney/ryan ticket. they're going to hit the same states on the countdown to election day. >> they sure are. only about ten states in the battlegrounds. thank you very much, david. let's go to robin. now to the deadly salmonella outbreak caused by contaminated cantaloupes. almost 150 people across 20 states and resulted in 2 deaths. our abc's dr. richard besser is here to tell us all about it. and how to reduce our risk of getting ill. this outbreak originated in southwestern indiana. >> that's right. >> but we have seen it from time to time, right?
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>> it seems that it's far too regularly. this is the third outbreak related to cantaloupe. there's reasons. unlike tree fruit, these are grown on the ground. they can get con tam mated from animal droppings and poorly composted manure. but there's another reason here. if you look at the two melons, we have cantaloupe and honeydew. cantaloupe has the rough skin, but allows dirt and bacteria to hide in there. you almost never hear about outbreaks related to honeydew. >> because of that, we have the knife in the cantaloupe, can it transfer because of the knife? >> that's right. you have to be careful how you handle a cantaloupe. when you get it home, scrub it with a produce brush. get all of the dirt out of there. now, this outbreak, it's not all cantaloupe, it's cantaloupe from southwestern indiana. so when you're buying a cantaloupe, if you look at a label, it says here this is from california. 6 if it says it's from indiana i wouldn't get it right now. if it doesn't say, ask your produce person. if in doubt, throw it out. when you cut into that, you want
7:15 am
to make sure that you're putting it right into your refrigerator so bacteria doesn't multiply. if you're buying already cut up fruit, make sure it's on ice when you're buying it. >> that's interesting. i never knew you could actually look and see what state the produce is from. again, tell us, salmonella, the symptoms, what we should be looking for? >> young people, elderly, people with immune problems, it's like a stomach flu. diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps. most people do well, but if you're in that risk group, you want to be seen. >> thanks very much. now to diana nyad. all eyes on the legendary ate athlete making one more attempt to swim from cuba to florida, she would make history, just days for her 63rd birthday this week. >> we've been tracking this all morning long. her spokesperson says she's doing well. spirits are up.
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if she does, she'll be swimming into the history books. take a look. she may be an endurance swimmer. this morning, she's inspiring millions with her persistence. for the third time in a year, the 62-year-old dove into the waters off the coast of cuba saturday, hoping to swim all the way to florida and into history. >> i think the team is 100% prepared. >> at this hour, she's almost halfway home. her route from havana to the florida keys, in open water, a grueling, record-breaking 103 miles at a pace of 50 strokes a minute. it's a 60-hour journey. the challenges of endurance and muscle fatigue only compounded by the open ocean. that powerful current, sharks without the protection of a shark cage and the most dangerous of all, the relentless threat of jelly fish and their excruciating stings. i asked her operations chief how she's holding up. how often is she able to eat?
7:17 am
>> she stops to eat every hour and a half, and every 45 minutes. she'll hit a quick hydration. these are not long stops. >> reporter: it's a mission nyad has tried to accomplish for over three deck aids. making her first attempt at age 28. last september, she made it 82 miles, swimming more than 40 hours before jelly fish stings forced her to abandon her journey. >> i knew i could do it. everybody helped me. and i just couldn't get there. >> reporter: this morning, though she's had four painful encounters with jelly fish, she's still on course and still singing. ♪ they said she was not home >> reporter: prepared, she says, to paddle through the pain. >> there's a reason no one's ever done it. i may suffer some. i'm prepared for that, too. >> reporter: she says she sings silently from a mental playlist of roughly 65 songs from
7:18 am
what she calls her generation, bob dylan, the beatles. kneel young /*, bobby mcgee, the song from janis joplin. >> she's in such a good place right now, especially emotionally. when she swims up to the support boat. she is asking them, hey, how's it going for you? >> i can't imagine what that must be like. i cannot imagine. >> this is a mission for her. and she is so committed and so passionate. we wish her very well. she makes to it key west, she'll get there right before her 63rd birthday. >> happy birthday. how was vacation for you, sam champion? >> i will tell you this, water is in the 80s and 90s. that's perfect jelly fish time. it's a tough time to pick for the swim. let's get to where the fires are rolling into the west. so much warmth concentrated to the west. in the last week. we'll see cooling come into the west. there's 35 large, uncontained fires. we talked about the one north of sacramento this morning.
7:19 am
in the top of the news. we think the winds will pick up. that's why they're very concerned about those fires getting worse today. how about the cooler air from the high and also the offshore low. not that we think the northeast will have an awful lot of rain today, but there will be some clouds and along the coastline, it will be a little cooler there. popping in the tropics, four areas that we're watching. we'll talk about isaac, what could be in the northern caribbean and south florida area in some form by the weekend.
7:20 am
>> all those selected cities were brought to you by walmart. we've got cooler air to talk about on the board when we come back. robin, george, josh. >> sounds good. all right, sam, thank you. coming up, the shocking new twist in the search for a california woman who disappeared at a five-star resort. police revealing now what they think really happened. plus, the battle brewing over a "toddlers & tiaras" star. could this 6-year-old's mom lose custody of her daughter all because of those racy costumes? harry is on holiday, too. exclusive pictures of the party
7:21 am
prince, shaking up las vegas. what happens there stays there, i'm sure. >> i guess not. hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's. ♪ grab a kleenex® tissue to help keep your hands clean ♪ ♪ shield sneeze swish ♪ check out my swish [ female announcer ] only kleenex® brand has sneeze shield in all their tissues to help keep stuff off kids' hands.
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♪ markers, calculators. whoa! ♪ ♪ converse one start tennies ♪ well, pencils, hair gel, binders. ♪ ♪ pencils, hair gel, binders. announcer: school takes a lot, target has it all. abracadabra. ♪ hershey's milk chocolate with almonds in pieces. your favorites, in pieces. >> good morning i'm eric thomas. more gun violence in san jose police investigate two shootings sunday, one fatal. shooting near highway 101 left a man hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after another shooting early
7:25 am
yesterday morning left a man dead. police have made no arrests and need help in identifying the shooters. there have been 28 homicides in san jose this year. >> monday morning, back-to-school, frances has traffic. >> you can see that in the traffic pattern, live shot of the bay bridge toll, 20 minute delay backed up into the maze, cars trying to cut back in from the carpool lane. westbound 580 out of altamont pass traffic jammed because of several earlier accidents from the altamont pass to 680 drive time is 44 minutes. bart reporting 10 minute delays from west oakland to the east debut to equipment problem. shuttles in place for california cable caroline. when we -
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welcome back. visibility up and down 101 reduced. low ceiling causing 60 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. santa rosa will have cooler conditions because of the fog rest of us one to five degrees warm
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you know who that is. prince harry, where is he? las vegas. having a great time. we have the exclusive pictures. right here. partying poolside in las vegas. jennifer lopez was there too. boy, he's looking like he's having one good time. good morning, america. everyone's back here this morning. >> yeah. >> great to have everybody back. why wouldn't he have a great time there? he's prince harry and he's in las vegas. she was one of the stars of "toddlers & tiaras." now 6-year-old maddy is at the center of a heated custody battle. her dad said her costumes are just too sexy. and now he's fighting her mom for custody. we'll have the latest on this case. also a story every mom will be talking about. the superstar magazine editor sounding off on the phenomenon she helped create the high standards for bouncing back
7:31 am
after baby. why so many model themselves after the mom-shells. we'll explain. it's the pressure to be perfect within a week. >> a lot of moms feel that pressure because of that. >> yeah, of course. but first, right to the wealthy businesswoman who vanished off the california coast last week. she was an experienced diver, strong swimmer. police say divers recovered the body of rebecca weiss this weekend. and authorities are down playing earlier suspicions about her husband. abc's david wright is in los angeles and has the latest for us this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. recreational divers discovered her body this weekend in the water, just a short distance away from where some of her personal effects were found a week along the beach. her family members await the results of an autopsy, and that could take some time. for a week, rebecca weiss' family never gave up hope. they couldn't accept that she
7:32 am
could simply drown in this calm, california cove. >> this just doesn't add up to me. it doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: her body was found saturday, in her wet suit, 200 yards off shore, right where her husband said she may have gone diving. the family is awaiting the results of an autopsy. that will confirm the cause of death. those results may take two to three months. weiss was an expert free diver, diving deep without a breathing apparatus. a potentially dangerous activity. >> eng tanglement, fishing line would be one example, shallow water blackout, the loss of consciousness while ascending from a dive, or a medical emergency like a heart attack. >> reporter: her family says she knew the risks and usually dove with a buddy. would it be like her to dive on her own? >> on her own, not really. >> reporter: in interviews, the victim's mother has raised suspicions about her son-in-law. >> i haven't heard from him.
7:33 am
>> reporter: claiming he was acting strangely, even accusing him of having an affair. he turned down all interviews. sheriff's deputies say he's cooperated fully, his story is consistent, and there are no signs of foul play. this case is being investigated by l.a. county homicide detectives, but, robin, we shouldn't read too much into that. the unit's purview includes drownings as well as murders. >> good to know. thanks so much, david. lara. now to the escalating family drama from "toddlers & tiaras." the mother of a 6-year-old pageant contestant locked in a bitter custody battle with the girl's father. he says his estranged wife is exploiting their little girl. in a court ruling issued friday, the judge seemed to agree. larger-than-life personalities. >> i am ready to go! >> reporter: massive meltdowns. >> no! >> reporter: and the precocious
7:34 am
pouts of little girls and their stage moms. tlc's "toddlers & tiaras" puts the spotlight on the over-the-top world of child beauty pageants. but now, the controversial show is at the center of a heated custody battle, pitting two parents against each other and putting the 6-year-old in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons. maddy was just 4 years old last year all dolled up by her mom like dolly parton. >> when she wears the fake boobs, it's just an added bonus. >> reporter: maddy's father says his estranged wife was sexually exploiting the little girl. by allow louing her to dress provocatively. now he's fighting for sole custody of maddy. a court-appointed psychologist agreed, making sure the judge makes the father the primary custodial parent. >> the mom really might have gone over the edge a little bit in choosing the costume and the seductive choices that she made. >> reporter: before a judge
7:35 am
issued a gag order, lindsey jackson told foxnews the costume was never meant to be sexualized and insisted she's a good mother. if the judge decides maddy needs to live with her dad because she does pageants with me, then that opens the door for any parent to challenge anybody on any active that a kid does, period. it's not the first time the pageant mom came under fire. wendy was condemned for dressing her daughter as julie roberts, character from "pretty woman," a prostitute. >> it's absolute emotional child abuse. to sexualize a young girl as 4, 5, 6, 7 before she has the psychological ability to understand what she's doing, is shameful. >> now there's also a court-ordered temporary ban on all pageant activity until further notice. quite a scene in court on saturday when a judge threw out reporters, closed the hearings and placed a gag order on the
7:36 am
mom. the next court date is august 31st when we could have a final decision on custody. for more on this, let's go over to george. >> thank you, lara. we're going to look forward to that final decision. dan abrams, our "gma" legal analyst is here. this temporary decision is striking. >> the judge is saying no more pageants for now. what's more dangerous for the mom is the psychologist's court-ordered report. the psychologist is recommending that the dad become the primary custodian, joint custody but the dad the primary custodian. if the only reason for that is these sorts of pageants. i think that's a dangerous precedent. to be setting. i think these pageants are terrible. i look at this and i say, you got to be kidding me. wh but when you look at it as a legal person, you say are we going to ta take custody away from the mother because of it?
7:37 am
that seems severe. >> the judge says in and of itself, proves the mom is unfit. >> the mom's position is, wait a second, what about dad? dad hasn't been involved in this child's life for years. she makes allegations about arrest, et cetera. those haven't been confirmed. that's really important. when the court looks at this, you look at what is in the best interests of the child. you have to look at the totality of the circumstances. you can't look at one incident and say, because of this, and something like this, where there's no demonstration of clear physical harm. there are cases of emotional harm, no doubt about it, but this is a tough line to draw. >> we have to go. you're going to be watching this closely. now you really believe this could have big implications. >> if this woman loses custody of the child because of going into the pageant, you're impacting the pageants but i think you're impacting child custody cases around the country for any judge what wants to look at this case. >> okay, we'll keep a close eye on it. dan, thanks very much. let's get the weather from sam. >> we want to look at big wild pictures out of lake michigan over the weekend. cooler air moved across the warmer water of the lake. look at this.
7:38 am
look at the streaks of dancing water spouts. at least four or five. i didn't think the picture was real when i first saw it. indeed it is. we'll drop the temperatures a little bit. duluth, green bay, early morning temperatures in the 40s in international falls. the numbers will rebound. there's a sign of cooler temperatures working its way through the country. it's nice. it gives us a break in some places that have had so much rain this summer. here's where the heaviest rain will go. tallahassee, flood watches out for the panhandle area. in florida, for the next couple of day, maybe 3 inches of rain coming out of that system. >> that anchorage at 56, another sign there's cool air on the board. all that weather was brought to you by chico's. george. >> thank you, sam. coming up, prince harry in las vegas. we have the pictures here only on "gma." .
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♪ viva las vegas i feel like i'm still on vacation. it was viva las vegas for prince harry this weekend. making a splash in these photos obtained exclusively by abc news. he shared the spotlight with hollywood royalty. nick watt with all the details for you. >> reporter: six brunettes and a couple of blondes. a panama hat hid the trademark ginger tresses. there's no disguising that cheeky grin in these exclusive abc photographs of when harry met vegas. dread to think what he's just told her. and where is he telling her to go? i hope her mother is not watching this. >> he was there to relax and have a good time.
7:44 am
i think he was very princely in his duties by the pool. >> reporter: harry got a taste for vegas last fall while out west learning to fly attack helicopters. he must have enjoyed himself, because he's back, sporting text book british vacation gear, beach ball, oversized shorts and pale chest, just waiting to burn. even the cops are pleased to see him and luckily, they didn't have to restrain any of the over ambitious wanna-be princess. harry makes the most out of being a prince. sipping grey goose in a private cabana and soaking up the sun. by the way, j. lo who is hosting the mgm grand pool party, willingly soaked up most of the flash bulbs. >> a nice, fun, vegas-filled fun day. >> reporter: she was a few cabanas down from harry with her own toy boy. casper smart. >> hey, ryan, welcome to vegas. >> reporter: also in sin city over the weekend, olympic
7:45 am
adonis, ryan lochte, doing what he does best. >> squeeze in tight. >> perfect, perfect. squeeze inside. >> reporter: besides the freestyle. >> they were young, healthy men, having a great time by the pool with beautiful women. a lot of people would have liked to be in their shoes, or their speedos. >> reporter: dude, you can wear all of the medals you like, but harry could probably wear a crown if you wanted to and the ladies seem to respond to that. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> we were hoping for pics from nick watt. notice he didn't do that. one thing i could not get in italy, josh's "play of the day." missed it immensely. and -- you really believe that? and bouncing back after baby. why the superstar magazine editor who helped create the celebrity mom-shells is pushing back. come on back. ng back. come on back. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal
7:46 am
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the
7:50 am
day." >> oh, it's good to be back on the couch. never thought i would say that about this couch, but boy -- >> leave this couch alone. >> take a look at this. we should mention right on the top. it's an add for volvo. they want to show that their trucks are smooth on the road. they go to a european highway. that's a ballerina stunt. that's faith dickey. 23-year-old. she's going to walk on the wire. between two speeding trucks. but here's the catch. she's got to get across before they get to the tunnel at the other end of the stretch of highway. so, yeah, careening down. >> get out of here. >> is she wearing a wire? >> no. >> i don't like that at all. >> i'm uncomfortable. >> hang on. hang on. >> i can't. >> she's going to tether right into the truck. >> that's true. >> or into the middle there of the highway.
7:51 am
thankfully, let's get her across, everybody. >> please. >> please. >> let's get her across. you can see the tunnel there. let's get her across. >> oh, come on. >> wow, no, huh uh. >> no way. >> she makes it. i promise, she does. there's a whole other thing. >> no way. >> she's totally fine, i promise. >> i hope you're all having a relaxing morning. >> i need to go on vacation. again. again. but one dark stormy eveni. she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was part of the family. we're so lucky that lucy picked us. [ female announcer ] purina cat chow complete. and for a delicious way to help maintain a healthy weight, try new purina cat chow healthy weight.
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7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. the highway patrol is investigating it the death of a man who ran across the freeway after stopping his car on the side of the road shortly before midnight on eastbound highway 4 in p:ee driver ran into oncoming traffic and was hit by anming ambulance in the fast lane. officials are trying to determine why the man left his vehicle. >> mike is here with a look at the forecast. flight arrival delays into sfo nearly an hour. we'll see sun around the bay inland by noon pockets at the coast 60s in san francisco 70s most past bay, 80s inland.
7:57 am
it gets cooler from now through thursday. back to school, back to normal traffic that means backed into the maze now at the bay bridge toll westbound 580 new crash, slow out of tracy almost 30 minutes, altamont pass to
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ vacation all i ever wanted vacation having to get away ♪ what is that, a falcon? >> it is. >> oh, yes, the air force. >> a very calm falcon out there in times square. everyone else is happy and rested. especially at this table. most of us, anyway, back from vacation. >> they're happy, too. they're on vacation. >> ha, ha, ha, ha. >> i love the bookends here. you have "good afternoon america." that is your vacation. >> it truly is, robin. every day is a vacation working with you. >> it gets a little wild. it really does. it does. >> let's see what a real vacation looks like. i think we got a shot there. on the boat in venice. >> now that's a vacation.
8:01 am
>> that's a little better than "gaa." >> do we have one with sam? >> oh, no. please no. >> the beard. the beard. >> you never shave on vacation. >> it's all gone. it's in the sink. >> didn't we have a picture of you? >> ali was -- >> i saw that picture of you. >> i wasn't shaving either. >> i love how someone posted, she's your schmoopie. remember? >> she is. >> tremendous. >> where is that, george? >> out at the beach. >> nice. >> i just love lara -- i just love the bookends right here. >> yeah. >> we'll have vacation photos for you sometime in the future. >> we want to show you the home videos, right? also ahead. the story that will get every mom talking. the superstar magazine editor who helped to create the so-called mom-shells. the moms who work so hard to lose the weight after baby. why she's trying to take all of that back. also, chris powell is back. another astonishing weight loss
8:02 am
transformation. he's going to show how he helped this man lose half of his body weight. there he is right there, working out hard. also coming up, a medical marvel for a young woman who suffered from sweating so extreme that it ruined her clothes and her social life. we're going to show you some cutting edge, a new technique that changed her life and it could help so many others as well. >> this one seems to be working. that's all coming up. let's get news from josh first. all right, we're going to begin with thousands of people fleeing their homes in the west. at this hour, more than 40 wildfires are now spreading across eight states. north of sacramento, california this morning, 3500 homes are being threatened. mean while, a tire in idaho is endangering more than 300 homes. sam will have the update on the weather conditions in just a and kansas republican is apologizing for a wild night in israel with fellow lawmakers.
8:03 am
congressman kevin yoder acknowledged going skinny-dipping in the sea of galilee. during a fact-finding trip led by house majority leader eric cantor. other members of the entourage jumped in the water, but yoder is the only one who fully disrobed. sours say house majority leader eric cantor was livid and in fact scolded all of those involved. meanwhile, a missouri congressman said he misspoke while commenting on abortion during an interview. todd akin who is running for senate, said it's rare for women to become pregnant when they're raped. he said, and i quote, if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down, end quote. meanwhile, police in st. louis are trying to solve the shocking murder of a former volleyball star. 23-year-old megan boken was shot and killed while visiting st. louis university for an alumni game. witnesses say man fired two shots into her car during an argument. police say there's no evidence that boken knew her killer. a dramatic crash at a state
8:04 am
fair here in missouri. the driver loses control and drives through a fence striking a group of people watching. five people were injured, three of them seriously. we'll have updates on their conditions as it becomes available. we're remembering an iconic voice of the 1960s. scott mckenzie has passed away. he performed "san francisco" an anthem of its time. later co-wrote the beach boys hit, "kokomo." scott mckenzie was 73 years old. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane. >> good morning, josh. great to talk to you on a monday. hello to everyone on "gma." did you know that bears prepare for hibernation at this time of year? but now, they're out hunting for human food to do it. we'll tell you more about why. tonight. see you then. >> sounds terrifying. finally, something that never ever happens to "good morning america" viewers.
8:05 am
an unexpected rainstorm ruins your weekend. no way. >> never. >> after a huge public outrage, a london forecaster was forced to come clean on television. >> because there are thunderstorms out there that were not represented in our forecast over the past couple of days or so. i have to say we can't even blame the computers. >> turns out the forecasters at the bbc thought they knew more than the computers. they ignored the computer forecast for rain, they predicted sun for a holiday weekend. >> look at sam. >> they were wrong. they had to apologize. >> you've never done anything like that. >> i'm not on the bbc. >> say you're sorry for the nation. >> no! >> no, no, no. we get it right. we always do it right. wait, i need wood to knock on. >> have you ever seen a forecaster apologize like that? >> you can go with your own forecasting or you can go with
8:06 am
the computer's. sometimes they are opposite. sometimes you have to decide what way you want to go. they went with their own forecast and got it wrong. >> in england, to forego the forecast that calls for rain? that's probably a pretty bad idea. >> that's really -- >> why don't you always just forecast 50% chance of rain. >> i do. that's why i'm write 50% of the time. >> which is not bad in baseball. >> 100%. sam, you were totally right when you forecasted this. the first story in "pop news." sam champion called it, "call me maybe" has become the anthem of summer. >> there you go. >> you said it first, my friend. but there are some other major hits that will forever be associated with this time. according to "usa today," shazaam, a music website and billboard. "payphone" by maroon 5. "right" bye ellie goulding.
8:07 am
she stopped by here. "titanium." "mercy" by kanye west. "somebody that i used to know," by gotye. and finally "wide awake," by katy perry. this is a public service by "pop news." if these songs are not downloaded on your iphone there you go. write it down. those are the songs that will forever be iconically represented as the songs of summer 2012. >> or you can come by my house. sarina singing "wide awake" on an endless loop. she's still wide awake. yes. plenty of buzz over the weekend about when brad and angelina will tie the knot at their french estate. remember, you guys made so much fun of me when they were building the so-called chapel. >> never. >> they did in fact build that so-called chapel. we're hearing that is where it will happen. according to the new york post, a couple was actually in greece. angie was apparently even dressed in white at a restaurant. >> in the summer? >> in greece.
8:08 am
>> that's the new york post reporting that. >> they say that when the greek restauranteur asked, was she ready to get hitched? she laughed and said, not yet. she said she and her family love greece too much to leave and they have plenty of other places to visit before heading back to france. the waiting and watching will continue. i know, it's exhausting. you're so nervous about it, josh. what will you wear? what will you get them? >> i'll probably wear white in summer in greece. beyonce is using the power of music to inspire people around the world to make a difference. yesterday, which was world humanitarian day, she released a video for the song, "i was here," shot earlier this month in front of a live audience in front of the united nations general assembly in new york. the video featured humanitarian workers helping others around the world. beyonce is not alone in her fight to get people to help out. other boldfaced names include first lady, michelle obama, justin bieber, lady gaga,
8:09 am
lending a hand or their voices as the case may be to this inspiring campaign. finally, it's important to remember to be thankful for all that we have. many have expressed that by saying a prayer before we eat. that's certainly what little honey does. take a look. >> honey, what do we do before we eat? we pray. thank you for this food i'm about to receive. i pray for more food for the other dogs that don't get a lot of food. pray, honey, amen. >> all right. >> and i am thankful to have you back. i love my team. and that's "pop news." >> that was great. i missed "pop news." you can't get that in italy. >> no, you can't. and you can't get sam's weather. >> no. >> we're out in times square. what is your name? >> jakana. >> nice to meet you. what is your name, sir? >> aiden. >> you're playing with somebody's toes. who is that? >> sydney. >> how old is she? >> 5 months old. >> look at that face. she's just playing with the top
8:10 am
of your head. you guys seem to like each other pretty well. not too bad for a little sister. you're a good big brother. let's get to the boards. one or two things -- i'm down here because everybody else is. here's what is going on this morning. we've had so much heat in the west. now we're bringing in cooler temperatures. seattle, you're down by the time we get into wednesday. into the 60s. look at spokane, coming out of the 90s into the 70s. sacramento, you're dropping a little bit. that warm air gets squeezed some place. that's back east. all the break that you're getting from minneapolis to boston, d.c., new york as well with the cooler temperature, you're back into the warmth.
8:11 am
>> because it's air force week. robin was right. its name is destiny. it's a -- >> a gyrfalcon. >> who looks like, locked on. totally locked on. robin? oh, lara. >> oh, yes, sam, how quickly we forget. >> oh, sorry. here's a look at what is coming up on our "gma" morning menu -- the superstar magazine editor who wants to roll back the mom shell phenomenon that frankly she helped create. and extreme weight loss. one husband's inspiring journey to lose half his size. you'll see it. coming up. and don't sweat it out. the brand new treatment for people who perspire way too much. we've got help on the way and so much more on "gma" live from times square. ♪
8:12 am
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♪ sneakers and t-shirts. ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeans, ♪ notebooks and jeeeeans, yeah! ♪ ♪ notebooks and jeans! announcer: school takes a lot, target has it all. ♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good
8:17 am
morning america." they are called the mom-shells. the hollywood celebs who slim down and shape up so fast rigts after having a baby. some of them look like they never gave birth. why, now, is the superstar magazine editor who creating the phenomena trying to take it all back? >> reporter: it's one of the hottest trends slashed across the covers of celebrity magazines. call them mom-shells. new hollywood moms who shed the weight they gained while preg nant. january n janice mim is pushing back on unhealthy pressure on everyday new moms. she says the notion that instantly stick thin figure
8:18 am
after birth are normal is untrue. sometimes i ponder our ideal of this near-emaciated mom we have created and wonder how to undo her. 24-year-old heldry did you have recently faced a bah rauj of critical tweets, lasting the star for not losing her baby weight fast enough. other stars faced backlash. >> you see the magazines filled with celebrities that within weeks have bounced back and they're back to their prebaby weight. i think for most women, it puts pressure on them. >> reporter: in december, robin sat down with kelly preston who spoke about her post baby battle to lose the weight. >> i'm not into the three to four weeks. i did it over the course of eight months. >> reporter: asat down with a group of new moms fighting pack against the blits of these cover, bearing it all to show women what is beautiful and
8:19 am
healthy, post baby. >> if we can reach one woman, i think that's what we wanted to do. >> reporter: they say new moms shouldn't feel pressure to be thin. being great mother is what makes them mom-shell. amy robach, abc news, new york. >> we're joined by leslie jane seymour and jennifer ashton. i felt the pressure. can you unring this bell that's been created by magazine editors. >> it's not your fault. >> no, no. >> it's her fault. what i love is if you realized that janice has a book coming out and she mentioned in the piece that she has it to help you lose the weight and all the stuff. you create the market and you come in as the margareter who helps you end the market.
8:20 am
that's a little too much. frankly, nobody can live to that standard. >> the other side of it is, this is pressure. but it's peer pressure. not all peer pressure ends in high school. not all of it is necessarily a bad thing. if it motivates you the be more fit, healthier, stronger as a mother. >> more responsible as a magazine editor or broadcaster, let's get thin. it takes awhile. >> they have a phalanx of people behind them. exercise gurus. that's not the normal human being. >> should celebrities say, i do look phenomenal after four months but there's a lot of -- >> i don't know that -- how honest they have to be. this is their job. they make their living looking
8:21 am
as perfect as they can be. as moms, we know being a mother and running a house hold is an athletic event into itself. two seconds after she gives birth, no. it takes you nine months to get there. give yourself nine months to get back. >> it's a year. a total year to get your body back. i have two children. my husband brought me my regular jeans. i thought, you push this thing out, you get them on. i couldn't zip it up. it's horrifying. everything moves around. >> why isn't that a great cover, it takes a year, ladies. >> that's the next cover we should be doing. give women a break. >> be gentle with yourself. >> is it bad to see images of stars that bounce back so quickly if we're real people? >> no, i think we should remember what it is. they're celebrities. you want to do the best you can
8:22 am
for your body and your family. >> and guess what, we're really not like them. >> i've heard that somewhere before. hey, ladies, fellow mothers, thank you for the straight talk. we appreciate it. let's go to robin. >> i'm right next to you. slow and steady wins the race, right. this applies to this story. 28-year-old jarvez hall ballooned to over 500 pounds. he reached out to chris powell. here's a look at his journey. >> by the time he was 28 years old, he was dangerously obese. >> middle school, i started getting bigger. people encouragied being big. you're big, you're more man. you're big, you're strong, you're tough. i played football. i was excited to be bigger. i wanted to be bigger. >> reporter: his college football career came to an end when his beloved mother passed
8:23 am
away. >> when my mom got sick, my weight got worse. >> reporter:er he stopped playing. the weight piled on. >> hey, bai, i'm home. >> i worry that some day, your heart is going to stop. >> reporter: the day before his wedding, jarvez wrote a letter to chris powell. >> are you ready? >> reporter: and chris answered the call. >> uh, uh, uh. >> my goal the to get into the 2s and officially bring sexy back. >> you weigh 548 pounds. >> wow. i look at this number and i'm motivated. now i'm red do to go workout. >> you ready? >> let's go. what do we got. >> you got 15 left. find it within. >> i'm going to keep pushing. i can't be 548. the next number after 548 is
8:24 am
death. >> reporter: over the next 365 day, jarvez would face highs and lows. >> you all right? >> reporter: but with chris and his wife by his side, jarvez pushed through. did he reach his goal and bring sexy back? >> jarvez! >> we're joined by transformation specialist chris powell. let's bring out jarvez and his wife, adriana. yes, you brought sexy back. yes, you did bring sexy back. i'm going to officially say that. >> sexy is back. we're here now. >> it's wonderful to have you both here. congratulations in order. you're with child. >> thank you, yes. yes. >> that's a little sexy shirt.
8:25 am
>> we got one for the baby. i'm sexy just like my dad. >> i can tell he has great sense of humor. how was it working with jarvez? >> we had a blast last year. we had such a great time. he's the epitome of perseverance and persistence. he feel, ll, we all to. he got right back up, attacked every day. he left everything in his path and kept going. this is where it gets you. >> you have the athlete's mentality. how has your world changed pause of this? >> my world is so different. i can do things, i can appreciate the small things in life. just coming here, i got the fly on an airplane and sit in one seat and not have a seat belt extender. i don't have to worry about where i'm going to sit. i can go on a flight, sit in a theater, live life with my wife and enjoy it.
8:26 am
>> your beautiful wife ho lost weight ads -- who lost weight a well. now you have the pants he used to wear? >> yes. these are what i used to wear. >> what was it like when he saw his stomach after losing the weight, he went in and had the skin removed. what happened? >> he kind of passed out. just a little. i think, just the effect of seeing his new body, his new self. the hard work he put in to going from this to this is a big shocking moment in his life. >> you all have a lot to look forward to. thank you for sharing the story. thank you, chris, as always. much more on "good morning america." come on back.
8:27 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. the little league baseball team from petaluma will need a win today to stave off elimination in the world series. petaluma put up a great fight sunday but lost to tennessee. petaluma has another chance in the double he limb nation tournament in pennsylvania. -- elimination tournament in pennsylvania. they need to beat the team from new jersey. you can see the game 1 p.m. pacific time on espn. back to normal almost at the bay bridge toll which means backed up to the made. there might be a new crash in the carpool lanes or a stall a car just stopped there. it means the ride is 30 minutes on the east shore freeway, carquinez bridge to
8:28 am
the maze this is south 101 san rafael new crash along the stretch doesn't seem to be slowing anyone down towards 580. when we come back, meteorologist mike
8:29 am
still concern with fog up 101 from novato less than a quarter mile visibility to half mile santa rosa flight arrival delays into sgo nearly an hour. sunshine around the bay and
8:30 am
inland noon, 70s bay, [ cheers and applause ] good morning. hello. >> and you're hearing miracle. it's a miracle that sam champ kron is holding a basketball. >> no, i can't. >> come on. >> there you go. >> all right? >> and this is my guy. >> the real reason we're hearing miracle. we're going to learn a lot about miracle treatment for a woman who has a problem with excessive perspiration. this was ruining her social life. she could not go out until she found this treatment. someone who never lets us see him -- we never see him sweat. amar'e stoudemire of the new york knicks. he has a new children's book.
8:31 am
josh you're going one on one. >> we've gone before. he's come for revenge, i go believe. >> always so dapper. and you have a shia labeouf. >> he has a new film out. there's already oscar buzz. that's coming up. what else? if there's a little extra special happy energy, it's because we're all back together. robin was on vacation. we're going to see some of the pictures she tweeted and what is ahead as the months come up. >> a loit of people are comments they're not seeing the picc line. it was taken out right before the vacation. i do have the bone mare roe transplant coming up. they decided to give me the freedom from the picc line.
8:32 am
>> it looks good. >> nice to see the guns out and about. >> i don't know about guns anymore. >> welcome to the gun show. vanilla ice. you remember vanilla? ♪ ice, ice baby >> vanilla ice. who knew we had v a l-- have a more in common than blonde hair. he's coming on "gaa" to talk about turning trash to treasure. we talked about mom-shells. we have rainn pryor, the great richard pryor's daughter weighing in as well. >> i host the show. that's amazing. it's 2:00 p.m. eastern, 1:00 p.m. central and pacific. >> vanilla higice at a yard sal. >> wonders never cease.
8:33 am
a woman that battled excessive sweating for year. linsey davis has her story. ♪ >> reporter: everybody sweats. even gorgeous superstars like halle berry who h talk about it on ellen. >> i was so nervous for those guys, i broke out in a -- >> wow. >> reporter: imagine being so embarrassed about your body that you don't want to leave home. >> it's stressful. it's really hard. >> reporter: for year, 20-year-old brianna's been keeping a secret so hidden, she missed her senior prom. >> didn't want to go through the hassle of picking out a dress. i blew it off. >> reporter: it was all an effort to mask the profuse sweating under her arms. look what happened after ten minutes of talking to us. her sweat is so extreme there her armpits her clothes are often wet all the way to her
8:34 am
stomach. after one use, certain shirts are stained to badly, she has to throw them away. she wears layers and the color back all the time because they held top hide sweat. >> everything i have is black. >> reporter: after topical collusions and botox, head to she's trying something new. if it stops the sweating, she has a plan. >> i'm going shopping. >> reporter: behold, it's called miradry. >> 90% of patients and probably more completely eliminate the sweating perm interceptly. it's not like they don't sweat at all. >> reporter: using microwave energy, it stops the sweating, hyperhidrosis.
8:35 am
the doctor gets started. >> i tried to much. i'm so anxious to have it work. >> reporter: four months after the second treatment, we meet up with brianna again. >> before, i was uncomfortable. it's exciting to go out. i can whaert i want. >> reporter: she still sweats. but a whole lot less. now she doesn't worry about sweat stains. >> i can hold them on my hips, fix my hair in public. >> reporter: no problem. no sweat, i should say. we thought we would take her shopping. you can get whatever you would like now? i knew you were going like that kror. >> i have always liked pink. have never been able to wear pink. >> reporter: the only thing that might stain her shirt today, tears, not sweat. you're so excited. we're so happy for you. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, boston.
8:36 am
>> thank you. some say a lot more study is needed to see if it is effective the long term. the two treatments can go to about $2500 or $3500. that's it for now. let's get to sam. somebody behind you dropped off the kids. where are the kids? >> we're from elk grove, california. and they're staying with my parents. >> so you could come to "gma"? what are your names? >> valerie. >> and? >> kevin. >> cole and sam. they miss you a little bit. nice to have a break, maybe. we'll start with the twitter and facebook pictures. get back into sending them again this week. we're looking into washington state. an awful lot of western pictures from this morning. we will show you vegas, phoenix,
8:37 am
yuma. take a look at the northeast. cooler temperatures have dropped in from the great lakes. the numbers are cooler. cincinnati, about 80 degrees. the heat does return by about midweek. we get cooler air pushing in. if you're getting break from the heat today, enjoy it. feels good in town. all >> and as we said, all that weather was brought to you by sealy. >> he makes that looking great look effortless. >> he makes me look lilliputian. he calls this his home.
8:38 am
he rules manhattan and new york. with us today, amar'e stoudem e stoudemire. he's man of many passion, including reading. he's out with a new book. it's called "stat, home court." it's standing tall and talented. welcome to the program. >> you love a lot of stuff. you always have your hands in a lot of different things. but the book, why do this book? >> i felt with the platform of me being in the nba and being able to inspire youth, i thought it was a great opportunity to write some of my childhood stories. standing tall and talented is something they should be able to use in life. >> it's been a big year for you. i'm sorry, your brother was killed in a car crash? january. you dedicated the book to him. what did it mean to be able to do that? >> it's awesome. my brother is one of the main reasons of my success.
8:39 am
he played high school basketball. inspired me to play basketball. his story was intriguing to me. so that propelled me to become who i am today. i wanted to dedicate the first book of the series to him. >> we're sorry for your loss. really. however, your give, the mother of your children, you're now engaged. how did you do it? >> i did it in paris. i rented an amazing suite in paris. i had a view of the roof tops of paris. a candlelight dinner. i went full romantic. >> you set us all back. a lot happenings. the lakers have reloaded. the league is remade again. how are you feeling about the knicks? >> we're great. we have a great team. we feel like we made the right acquisitions to make us better. we have a full training camp under our belt. coach mike is a phenomenal coach for us. >> you and i go back.
8:40 am
i had a former life before "gma." back to espn. he came by to shoot a commercial and he and i went toe to toe, head to head in a horse competition. yeah, robin, look at that. look at the form. and i want to say, because it's the only time i'll be able to say it with regard to amar'e stoudemire and basketball of any kind, i won. i just want to say, i won. >> did he? >> because i'm not used to throwing trash balls. >> um -- i have to say -- that's true. yes, no, yes. even when i lose. everybody, amar'e stoudemire. congratulations, seriously. good luck with the book and the upcoming season. coming up, he starred in
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
he is one of hollywood's hottest young actors, though he'll blush when i say that. headlines the "transformers"
8:44 am
trilogy and now as an american gangster. it's set in prohibition-era virginia. welcome to shia labeouf. it took two years to get to the big screen. why is it a challenge? >> it's a hard movie to make. it's not conventional at all. it's got a lot of layers. it's a hard movie to pitch. you have to take a risk as a studio or moneymaker. >> isn't that where you had to take a risk? >> it is. i was a real studio kid for a long time. you had friends that look at you and say, i don't know. that gets hinky. it wasn't conventional at all. you're going to do a period movie. it's expensive. >> i want to show everybody a
8:45 am
clip. you play jack in "lawless." >> i'm sorry, jack. i got other things in my mind. like robbing your brothers, for instance. >> all you had to do was put gas in the truck. all you had to do was put gas in it. >> i got me an idea. >> this road is crawling with cops, cricket. oh, you gotta be kidding me. >> you got a better idea? >> you're going put moonshine in the gas tank? ♪ >> yeah! >> yeah. that's how nascar started. really. seriously. >> truly? i thought you were joking? >> they started souping up the w cars to get away from the
8:46 am
police. you could run your car on that stuff. >> imagine what it's doing in your insides? >> it's called rot gut. it's a sexy time in america. this was the beginning of the first big crime gold rush, if you will. these were the first comic book-type heroes that america ever had. billy the kid, criminals fighting for the everyman. the walt whitmans with guns. the first rock stars. >> also in the film, what a cast, guy pierce, jessica chastain. >> gary oldman. tom hardy. jason clark. it's stacked all the way down. >> not to continue name-dropping. your next film is directed by robert redford. you're on a roll, kid. knock on wood. what was that experience like working with the legend? >> he is that. i'm playing a reporter. a lot of it was studying him,
8:47 am
playing him in way, he did this movie with dustin hoffman, "all the president's men". >> a classic. >> it's one of my favorites. he's a rock star. >> great things are happening for you. we appreciate you coming. even, check out "lawless." coming up, inside our vacation scrapbook. can't wait for robin and george and sam to share their memories. we're going talk about it all
8:48 am
8:49 am
we aren't going to make fun of sam again, are we? you had a great time in california. >> had a great time. i get it, california, i understand why even loves you. >> it was nice to get a few extra days in. while you were holding down the
8:50 am
fort. >> you, two. dpl we're happy to do it. >> thanks to amy robach. >> and ginger. >> ginger zee. >> we loved watching. i haven't taken this much time off in quite some time. i started in northern california. helped to raise $4 million for cancer research for the jimmy v. foundation. visited home. and went to italy. my dear friend, her 50th birthday. she always wanted to go to tuscany. >> is this your camera work? >> it is. >> a week ago today was in roma. there at the vatican. had special access. it was just -- at the's where the pope prays before he goes out on the balcony. i said a prier for all those who have lifted me up in prayer. it ended, venice?
8:51 am
>> you walk out of the train station. >> that's what you see. can we do good morning, venice? >> i say yes. >> oh. prego, prego. i keep talking with my hands now. it was wonderful to share it with you. happy to be back with the gang. >> you're back. you have a couple of weeks here. you're finishing up the prep work for the treatment and transplant coming up. >> that's a good way of putting it. the picc line is out. i'll have the transplant probably in early september. i have a couple of weeks left here with you. i'm very excited about. then i'll take my medical leave. this is why it's so important to get away. i feel alive again and really ready to tackle this next challenge that i have. we're going to have a great two weeks. then i'll head off and have the transplant. >> and we're also going to start to talk about a lot of people
8:52 am
facing health challenges right now. help them navigate the health care system. we want to raise awareness. >> we all got something. we all have something we're going through. how we're able to help them. but i came back bearing gifts. >> what? >> i want to show. a picture. a group of 11 of us that went to italy. maybe you have seen. you asked me, these brace lets were made to me. the two "l"s and "p"s. the presence of god watches over me and has my three initials. the prayer of protection my mom told me. it's the two ls and the two ps. >> we get them? >> it's the colors of mds. they're springtime colors. it's all about rebirth. >> everybody in the studio crew, i have one for you as well. >> wonder twin powers! >> and activate!
8:53 am
activate! >> it's great, great, great to be back again. >> we love you. we missed you. >> i like you bet we are the beard, though. >> i am happy to be back. i'm not reading a script. i'm happy to be back. >> the single happiest day here i can remember at 4:35 in the morning. >> we were all skipping through the hallways. it was like the first day of
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
so much ahead this week on "good morning america." our countdown to who will be the viewer's choice on "dancing with the stars." >> we're getting more of a download a couple of minutes ago. >> take care.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. thousands of children in the bay area are heading back-to-school today. in san francisco there will be 500 fewer 9th graders with close to 4100. the chronicle reports the district is expecting to receive less money from the state because of lower enrollment. mike is here with the forecast. here's a look at temperatures today except santa rosa there's so much fog everybody warmer 60s coast, 70s bay, 80s inland cooler through the midweek. >> you will notice extra traffic with a lot of kids back-to-school. bay bridge toll past the 880 effort crossing. delays for


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